Match & Go Matching Cards Game

Match and Go is an interesting addictive fun memory game for kids which not only make their brain good, it will also make their learning power strong. Match and Go is a challenging puzzle game to test hidden power of your brain and visual skills in a time constrained game play. This is a free hide and Seek Pairs Matching Game and it is one of the best fun brain game ever created.
In Match and Go, you have to just memorize the cards and their objects that will improve the learning power of the kids. To get the highest score you have to complete the level fast and within few minutes. There are different theme that player can choose. The theme which player will select, that theme related cards will be shown.


  • Beautiful and attractive graphics
  • Different themes
  • Attractive background music
  • Time Limit for every level
  • Number of clicks per level
  • Free for everyone
  • Designed and structured according to kid’s mentality

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