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Have Fun with Numbers

An app for kids to learn numbers 123 and start counting, which give your child basic understanding of Reading, Tracing, Writing and Mathematics Activities. Kids Numbers 123 Lite Activity App is a comprehensive Numbers learning activity Application for kids to read, listen, trace & write. They can recognize numbers using different playful activities.
Its full version App for your Kids to learn about Numbers and how to count things. There are number of activities within App, kids can play.
App gives you two modes of learning; first to listen & practice writing numbers by tracing and second feature allows Kids to solve set of number counting and recognizing activities under different categories.
There are number of activities available in full version of App:

  • Learning & Writing Numbers
  • Count the correct Objects
  • Abacus Activity
  • Blow specific Number Balloons
  • Catch Numbered Eggs
  • Count Jelly Beans
  • Collect Different Colored Buttons
  • Match Number Blocks

The app contains fun graphics which are both memorable & colorful. A must have for your toddlers. This App is available for Android and iOS devices.

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